Car Roof Shade

Abhiramee Inventions addressed the issue of cars overheating when parked under the sun for extended periods.

  • Color Olive Green and brown
  • Matariel Knitted Fabric with UV Rays protected
  • Size Size: Suitable for installation on hatchbacks, sedans, compact SUVs, flagship SUVs, and most SUVs, except full-size SUVs and MPVs.
  • Offer Price

Problem Identification:

Abhiramee Inventions identified the prevalent issue of cars becoming unbearably hot when parked under the sun for extended periods. Within just half an hour, the car's interior can reach uncomfortable and even unsafe temperatures, posing risks such as sunburns, dehydration, heat stroke, and skin irritation. Additionally, prolonged exposure to extreme heat can exacerbate feelings of irritation and anger.


Need for Solution:

In urban areas, finding shade from trees or parking sheds isn't always feasible. Traditional car covers, while available, are cumbersome to manage and often fail to effectively mitigate heat buildup.


Product Design:

Our solution, the Car Roof Shade, is meticulously engineered to protect vehicles from direct sunlight exposure. It boasts easy installation, requiring only about 20 seconds, and features two anti-theft locks for security. The shade comprehensively covers the car roof, front and rear windshields, and almost all windows, effectively shielding the interior from heat. Crafted from UV-resistant fabric, it significantly reduces heat buildup inside the vehicle, preserving the interior and extending its lifespan. The use of the shade also contributes to prolonging the car's air conditioning system's life.

One more thing... when Car Roof Shade use in a sunny hot days, with in a day or few days it takes shape according to your car roof with beautiful dome in a center and become more stable hold on your car even on sunny hot windy days... shade opening locking system and closing locking system work more efficiently and strongly..



The Car Roof Shade preserves the car's dashboard, interior, and leather seats by minimizing direct heat exposure. It enhances comfort by maintaining a cooler interior temperature, improves safety by reducing the time needed for the interior to cool down upon entry, and enhances the overall driving experience. Moreover, it safeguards occupants from health issues and irritation caused by excessive heat and suffocation.


Company Origins:

Abhishek Gupta's realization of this prevalent problem spurred the inception of Abhiramee Inventions. Our product epitomizes our commitment to innovation and addressing real-world challenges faced by car owners. Crafted with precision engineering and utilizing advanced materials, our shades offer unparalleled protection against sunlight, heat, and UV radiation, ensuring a more enjoyable journey while prioritizing the well-being of passengers.


Overall Impact:

The Car Roof Shade offers a practical and effective solution to the issue of heat buildup in parked cars, enhancing comfort and prolonging the vehicle's interior lifespan. It transforms the driving experience by creating a cooler and more pleasant environment for both drivers and passengers alike.

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